Ohio Challenge Series Results

Ohio Challenge Series Results through the St. Patrick’s Day 5K are updated at www.ohiochallengeseries.net.   If for some reason your results are not shown, please email me at tlewis@enmotive.com.   Just a reminder that the filters allow you to pull up just your gender, age group, or you can search by your individual name.   Please remember to check after each event that your results have been updated.   Thanks for being part of the Series! 

Cork & Barrel Medal Update

Many of you responded very positively to the unique three piece medal for the Cork & Barrel three race Series at Breitenbach Winery & Maize Valley Craft Brewery & Winery.   Each section of the medal is separate and connected by magnet.   Each has its own unique ribbon and as you complete each event you receive one portion of the medal.

Races & dates are as follow: Dandelion Run 5K May 4, 2018, First Crush 5 Mile August 17 (Friday evening), and Maize Valley Beer Run 5K on September 22.   Here is an update of the medal.    

Metal Update

To encourage you to register (if you have not already done so) please use this coupon to reduce the cost to the original advertised price of $75.00 for all three events until 3/31/2018!  CORK2018