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First Series Results 2018


If you click on 2018 5K Series you will see the first set of results. Since at this point there is only one race, you will need to click your name and you will see you points. Once we have the next event (Don’t Drop the Ball 5K) you will see a total.

The 5K Walk is incomplete and I am working with support to get that fixed ASAP. I am guessing there will be a few more glitches here, but I think once we get the kinks worked out it will be something you will enjoy and find easy to see how you are doing compared to others in the Series.

I would encourage each of you to create an Athlinks profile (If you do not already have one) by clicking the following link ATHLINKS

Thanks for your support of the Akron-Canton Regional FoodBank!

Selfless Elf First Race of 2018 OCS

Just a reminder, even though it is still 2017, the Selfless Elf 5K will count as the first race of the 2018 OCS in both the 5K Running Category and the 5K Walking Category. If you sign up after the “Elf” and run the “Elf” those points will not count. Please sign up before the event if you wish to have your Selfless Elf points count!